Thursday, April 18, 2013

Poem in your pocket day!

        Today was National Poem in your Pocket day... and I gave my students an extra credit opportunity: pick a poem (I got half-page copies from and read it to friends, family, and anyone else who would listen.
        I had poems in my pockets, too.  Boy, was I glad I wore jeans today!  Five pockets (including the little coin pocket) and each one with a poem.  One of John Donne's Holy Sonnets  filled my front right pocket. In my left-hand pocket rested a famous poem by Shakespeare.  My back right pocket kept one of my favorites by Emily Dickinson.  My tiny coin pocket held a funny one by Shel Silverstein.  Last, but not least, my back left pocket kept this classic Walt Whitman poem safe.
         Tomorrow isn't poem in your pocket day... but it still is part of National Poetry month (April), so why don't you find a poem that speaks to your sensibilities and carry it with you?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So I had to write a poem about twins...

Bellwork for today's Creative Writing was about twins... and, being a twin, felt the need to write a poem about it.  I don't have to answer the prompts I give my students, but even more than usual, this time I couldn't help myself.  I decided to go the "spatial" route instead of trying to make a rhyme about twinness.  Is that a word... if not, it should be.  So, here is my poem which I dedicate to my older (by two minutes) sister Heather.

     She will not know
 what loneliness is. She
 The same exact place
    Just two minutes later
         S h e
 Must share. But what
     Else can she do?

Does she really want to
Forever be looking at a
W it h
T h e
O n e
Who  shares  her  face,
Her voice, and her DNA?

       Sisters.  Identical,
   Yet uniquely individual.
D o
Wear the same clothes?
     Get the same haircut?
           O r
 Live the life she wants?
     Go her own way?

“To  thine own self  be true,”
Wrote the Bard, but he also
  A  lot
 He had
 A pair
 Of ‘em

So maybe  she  can be true
To her ownself while at the
Being true to the
Strange fact that
Charged with the same duty:
Love your sister as yourself.

Therefore the second,
Not to merely copy the first,
Lives her own life so
That she can uphold
The real    honor of being
Part of a matched set of
Girls          who
Share more
Than  just the
Same    birthday;
They                share a life
Split--  not diminished.