Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Living in a house of glass

Life in houses made of glass would be quite interesting.
Drapery and curtain wholesalers’ businesses would boom
And car window tinting agencies would expand to do everything
From walls to floors and windows in every single room.

That is, of course, unless whole neighborhoods became nudist camps
And people, old and young, bared their all to all and sundry:
Then glass homes would show off everyone from baby to gramps,
And mom would never, ever, again have to do the laundry.

If we lived in glass houses, people would see into our lives
And be able to judge and gossip about what they saw there;
But then, we could do the same, and save all our best sighs
For when we saw the neighbors in their old underwear.

Throwing stones at other’s lives would become quite mundane,
For we’d all be exposed, and we’d have no room to complain.

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