Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reflective Teaching: Day 11, Favorite Part of the School Day

Day 11--What is your favorite part of the school day and why?

I like the morning before school starts when I'm at school early so I can get to the copy machine before a line starts and can have some time in my room to prepare for the day.  There is a peaceful anticipation in the quiet halls.  There are no lockers slamming.  There is no hustle and bustle as students shove their way through the burgeoning halls like salmon swimming upstream.  There are no disruptions to the quiet.  Yes, the morning before school is one of my favorite times of the school day.

Another favorite time of the school day is the Professional Learning Community Late-Start time we have at our school  It affords us teachers who teach in the same department a time during the school day once a week when we can make curriculum decisions, work on Common Assessments, pour over data, and have collaborative talks.  When teachers who teach the same content can work together to share their knowledge, the result is greater than the sum of its parts.  So, PLC time is some of my favorite time spent at school.

However, my most favorite time of the school day varies from day to day and hour to hour.  It occurs at those moments I mentioned in my fourth blog of this series. I love those moments in a school day when the kids are involved and actively participating in the lesson.  They are learning.  When the students are working and unaware of the time, when they are surprised by the bell, when they feel that the class has sped by: those are my favorite parts of the school day.

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