Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Blogging Challenge: What I want my students to learn...

Day 11
What is the most important 'lesson' you want to teach your students?

I don't know if there is just one lesson I want to teach my students. Of course I want them to learn and master my content, but education is about so much more. The prompt asks for one lesson, but as an English teacher, I have an entire alphabet of lessons I want to teach my students:

Always share your joy.
Be willing to listen with an open mind.
Carry on when times get rough.
Don't ever give up.
Enjoy solitude when you can get it.
Feel the wonder of little miracles.
Give generously of your resources.
Help someone you normally would not.
Imagine. Imagine. Imagine.
Journeys are worth the effort.
Keep on hoping for the best, even during the hard times.
Let laughter live and love in your life.
Make friends wherever you can.
Never stop learning.
Occasionally take the long way ‘round.
Perception is not reality.
Question. Question. Question.
Rejoice in all things.
Spend time, not money, on your loved ones.
Take no one for granted.
Understand more than you let on.
Voice your opinions--and support them.
Wonder “why” more often.
(e)Xamine your motives.
Yearn for the Forever Now.
Zealously guard your humanity.

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