Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Challenge: Small Delights

Day 2

What is one small delight in the day that you always look forward to?

If we're talking the school day and not the day in general, I would say the small delight I look forward to is the moment just before the first bell rings for the day.  I think of it kind of like the moment just before the curtains open on a stage: everything is set, the desks are--for the only time in the day--perfectly in lines, the room is quiet, and I am taking a deep breath.  The bell rings, and I open the door to a new day.  Kids will come into my room and disrupt the quiet, move the desks, and take my breath away.  The students are then the focus; but that tiny moment just before bell rings is all mine.


  1. The name of your blog caught my eye! Great post because it captures a moment in time that maybe only teachers can understand.

  2. Thanks, Wendy. That one moment of peace before the whirling dervish of the day is indeed one of my favorite times of the day.